building affordable homes

The UK has a serious housing shortage and the problem is particularly acute in London where there is a critical lack of affordable accommodation. In June 2016, there were over 73,000 households in London living in temporary accommodation and 58,000 of these have dependent children.

Whilst there are no easy answers to the housing shortage, part of the solution is hiding in plain sight, in pockets of undeveloped land  scattered across the capital. These sites are often of no interest to larger developers. But at PHASES, we’ve recognised the potential of this lost land to build much-needed homes at affordable rents.

volume sales

Big developers tend to focus on high volume projects to bring new starter homes to market. But for many, home ownership is out of reach. As household bills rise and wages stagnate, the only option is to rent


With the number of households in the private rented sector expected increase by 1.8 million by 2025, much more investment is needed to meet the rising demand for decent affordable homes

SMALL developments

At PHASES, we’re actively targeting sites that have been previously overlooked and we’re busy honing the expertise to handle the development challenges these small pockets of land can present along the way

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Building expertise

As a community construction charity, PHASES can call on the expertise of a team of big-hearted professionals who make our projects possible. These generous-spirited surveyors, structural engineers, architects and landscapers share our vision and values. They help us to create sustainable homes which enhance the quality of life. We take an holistic approach to our projects. From reflecting the streetscape with sympathetic materials, to greening our boundaries, or locating recycling points to avoid bin blight, we work hard to ensure our homes make a positive contribution to the local community. We want PHASES developments to be safer, friendlier and more attractive places for people to live, work and thrive.

cleaner cities

Vacant plots can often become eyesores, filled with fly-tipped rubbish. A sympathetic new building can dramatically improve a community: halting decline, sprucing up the neighbourhood and helping to keep the city cleaner for everyone

better streetscapes

Our team carefully considers how to make new buildings fit seamlessly into the local context. The building style, materials and finishes are designed to respect local history and to help integrate new buildings into the existing street scene

greener spaces

We protect existing trees and vegetation as we landscape, and we try to ensure that every home has some private outside space. We design communal areas so they’re easy to maintain and we’re greening our boundaries, too, to help wildlife

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partnering for change

At PHASES, we work with individual land owners, local authorities, churches and other institutions to create new affordable homes.  Through these collaborations, we can  combine the talent, expertise and experience of multiple partners and organisations. By building cohesive communities that share our vision, we can ensure that every project we work on embodies our joint values and delivers real benefits to all our stakeholders.


We build solid partnerships that may cover a single building, or encompass multiple developments. These collaborations enable us to draw talent from many sources to power our projects forward


Our partnerships help us to explore modern methods of construction which can improve the lifelong performance of a building, save energy and reduce utility bills, making  homes more sustainable


Our projects are all about community. Our homes provide the stability everyone needs to flourish. They are places to unwind, to reflect and to plan. To rediscover hope and to rebuild resilience.

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