Bringing empty homes back to life

As the UK housing crisis deepens, families are struggling to find affordable homes. In London, property values have pushed home ownership even further out of reach. More people are renting, but good quality property at a manageable monthly rent is hard to come by.  Rent can now represent almost 70% of median household income.

Whilst there are no easy answers to the housing shortage, part of the solution is to identify empty properties and bring them back into use. In the capital alone, there are around 21,000 long-term empty properties which could be renovated, providing much-needed homes to Londoners. At PHASES, we have been working with our partners to identify and renovate these empty houses and commercial spaces.  We’re bringing more quality homes to market and helping to alleviate a chronic shortage of affordable housing.


Our team of motivated architects, structural engineers and surveyors help us find the most appropriate renovation solution, to realise the full development potential of every empty property


We handle any planning consents, utility supply issues, building control orders, or stakeholder queries, so that our skilled contractors can get straight to work, clearing and renovating the property


Our newly refurbished homes provide safe havens for families who have suffered homelessness, overcrowding, or have struggled in poor quality housing or temporary accommodation  

Improving neighbourhoods

Empty homes can bring misery to neighbourhoods. An abandoned house can be an eyesore and it can quickly become a magnet for anti-social behaviour and vandalism, making the problem worse. Untended gardens encourage fly-tipping which attracts vermin, like rats, mice, pigeons and foxes. By bringing empty homes back into use, the whole community benefits. And we’re delighted when local people get involved: sharing history, commenting on our progress and even donating plants, bulbs and outdoor furniture to make our new gardens more beautiful.

engaging communities

Our reminiscence and local history events encourage local people to connect with our projects and stay involved as they develop

improving street scenes

Every home we can bring back into use helps contribute to a vital process of urban renewal, stemming decay and decline

Enhancing green spaces

Wherever possible, we create landscaped spaces to enjoy the sun, dry the laundry and for kids to get in touch with nature

a place to call home

After living in overcrowded or poor quality housing, we want people to feel house-proud again. That’s why all PHASES refurbishments are completed to a high standard by our motivated on-site teams. We’re transforming empty houses into real homes, giving families a chance to put down roots and get their lives back on track.

a Fresh start

After challenging times, our refurbished homes provide a solid foundation for people to rebuild their lives and plan for the future

Family wellbeing

Our renovated homes offer a safe space so that every family member can start restoring resilience and resourcefulness

A sense of purpose

Our feedback shows that most people have dramatically improved their life chances by returning to study, training or employment

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