We are committed to sustainable business practices, which bring social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities.  We want to ensure that people are treated fairly and that our projects leave a positive legacy for all our stakeholders.  In larger organisations, values can sometimes get lost in complex webs of sub-contracting. They are reduced to a tick-boxing exercise or empty rhetoric.  At PHASES, we oversee all our projects from initial design right through to construction and management. That way, we can be sure our values  stay at the heart of everything we do, right through our organisation. 


We believe in treating people fairly and with respect. That includes fair pay and working conditions. We expect all our suppliers and contractors to share our principles 


We want to enable people to succeed, whatever their background. We use buddy schemes, tailored workshops and mentoring to make sure this happens


We foster a culture of collaboration and team-working that celebrates the talent and enterprise of everyone who works or volunteers with us


At PHASES, we take our environmental stewardship seriously. Our sustainability initiatives are integrated into all our business practices, construction processes and training programmes at every level. We’re exploring construction innovations, energy saving systems and waste management solutions to help reduce our carbon footprint. We’re working to extend our green knowledge and capabilities, to share best practices with our partners and to inspire our householders to play their part to protect the environment.


We’re committed to reusing as many materials as possible from excavation, demolition and construction, to reduce the amount that goes to landfill


We find imaginative ways to repurpose materials and objects on site. We want to make our homes unique, characterful      and a whole lot greener


We champion recycling in our offices, on our sites and in our completed homes. We offer garden composters, bokashi bins and recycling tips to get everyone started


Pocket parks, back gardens, living roofs and even balconies, can all help to boost biodiversity in the city, providing little havens for rare and endangered species. At PHASES, we aim to provide green spaces in all our developments. Everyone needs a quiet spot to relax, to play or learn.  And because we know how pottering in the garden can promote wellbeing,  we help the whole family get involved. We provide bokashi bins and garden composters. We supply colourful gardening tools for the kids to get hands on. We run fun workshops to build nest boxes, bug hotels and hedgehog houses. And we have seasonal planting days when we sow wildflower meadows, help get the raised vegetable beds going, or plant insect-friendly flowers and herbs to add some colour and  fragrance.


We turn recycled wood from our construction projects into great raised veggie beds for our little gardeners. It’s a harvest that the whole family can enjoy


Every little green oasis we create helps filter city air, baffle traffic noise and buffer urban heatwaves. And our garden composters help reduce greenhouse gases, too


We run Fun Days for kids where they can learn about creepy crawlies, become expert bird watchers, and help build bird and bug houses to make a wildlife friendly garden

Read how we put our values into practice

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