A chance to start again

At PHASES, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to start again and we think that construction can be a powerful tool for change. That’s why we have developed a unique training pathway which helps people who have suffered homelessness or long-term unemployment to get back on their feet again.

Some of our trainees know what it’s like to survive without a roof over their head, sleeping rough in an unfriendly city. Others are struggling with mental health issues or substance misuse.  Many of our trainees are military veterans who may have found it hard to adjust after leaving the Forces. Some are living with PTSD.

Whatever their background, PHASES gives every trainee a chance to make a fresh start: to learn new skills and rebuild confidence. Our training combines traditional construction techniques and embedded  life skills in a friendly and supportive environment. We offer a safe space to enable our trainees to evaluate life choices, build real skills and plan for a better future.


All our trainees are encouraged to recognise their personal strengths, take charge of their own skills development and to consider their future options


Once they have got to grips with basic construction skills, our trainees are offered practical experience on a real construction site, working on a PHASES project


We invite all our trainees to plan their personal pathway and assess their options. We’ll support them into training, placements or employment in the construction sector


The PHASES workshop is a great place to start learning again, but nothing beats getting ‘hands-on’  to consolidate new skills. That’s why trainees coming through our initial construction course are offered the opportunity to work alongside qualified professionals on one of our building projects, or to  join our expert maintenance crews in the field.  Our trusted team of highly motivated contractors are passionate about their trades. They’re happy to share their enthusiasm and expertise.  As well as guided learning with our professionals,  trainees learn the  value of team work, time-management and health & safety legislation.  Getting practical experience enables all our trainees to gain competency, build confidence and set clear goals for the future.

real building skills

Away from the workshop, professional builders and contractors help our trainees to apply their skills to real-world challenges

technical know-how

Our committed technicians guide our trainees as they hone their abilities and develop expertise in their chosen trade

a sense of achievement

Fostering team work and cooperation on site helps build a culture of collaboration and a sense of shared achievement


After gaining practical experience on a PHASES project, our trainees choose a pathway that matches their skills and aptitude. We offer guidance on further professional training to enhance competency. For those ready to start work, we’ll use our network to help them find a position in a construction company and assist them with grant applications to buy tools.  For those trainees who want the flexibility of self-employment, we will guide them as they set up as a sole trader, ensuring they have the skills they’ll need to cope with marketing and paperwork until they have the confidence to go it alone.  They are also invited to quote for work in their own right on our building and maintenance projects.  And our door is always open if they need a little extra help from time to time.

enhancing abilities

We encourage our trainees to continue to develop through practical training, personal study and professional certification

going it alone

We support people into self-employment: from tools and tax returns, to invoices and insurance, we’re there to offer advice

a career to be proud of

We can direct talented trainees into work placements and job opportunities, thanks to our strong links with building companies

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