our mission

At PHASES, we believe having a home is a basic human right.  We use the power of social enterprise to build sustainable and affordable homes, and to give people the skills they need to transform their lives through community construction. We’re passionate about restoring value to land that is overlooked, property that is neglected and most importantly, people who have been excluded.


There are hundreds of vacant plots hidden all over the capital. If these could be developed to provide affordable homes, we’d help to solve the housing crisis


Empty properties blight neighbourhoods and attract anti-social behaviour. We want to help bring these empty places back into use, creating much-needed homes 


Everyone deserves a second chance in life. Our training helps military veterans, the homeless and the long-term unemployed to get back on their feet again

new homes built across the uk in the last year

affordable rent homes built in england in the last year

number of people living in temporary accommodation

our solution

As a construction charity, PHASES is focused on increasing the number of affordable homes  across London and the South East. We’re operating in an aggressive, high-octane property market, but we’re proving that property development can be a powerful force for good. We keep social value at the very heart of everything we do.  

As a social enterprise, PHASES is dedicated to bringing change through sustainable business practice. We want to promote social value through our people, networks, procurement and supply chains.  We cascade the multiple benefits of social enterprise to all our stakeholders. We’re offering an ethical alternative to conventional property development.   

As a construction training organisation, PHASES is passionate about enabling  homeless and long-term unemployed people to learn the skills they’ll need to find work in construction. We’re ensuring traditional skills are transferred and that our trainees are up to speed with modern methods of construction, as the industry evolves. We give people real life chances.


We rely on an enthusiastic team of professionals, trainees and  volunteers, to help drive our mission forward. PHASES brings people from diverse backgrounds together 


At PHASES, we believe in the power of social enterprise to disrupt conventional models of development, cascading benefits  through people-centred design and value-driven business practice


Our training pathway is about more than construction. It’s about self-belief. At PHASES, we’re working to enable  people who’ve suffered exclusion to feel productive, confident and resilient again 

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