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Construction for the community

Since 2001, PHASES has been working to tackle the impact of homelessness and help families into affordable homes. We specialize in reclaiming lost land, finding vacant plots and renovating empty properties. PHASES actively seeks out places and spaces that are overlooked and abandoned. And we work with a host of brilliant partners to bring them back to life.

And because homelessness is not just about housing, PHASES has developed a unique training pathway. We help local people who’ve  experienced homelessness or long-term unemployment to gain the skills they need to work in construction. And as the industry evolves, we’re exploring ways to equip our trainees for success in the future, using modern methods of construction.

We’re working to reduce PHASES carbon footprint, too. Not just in our back-office functions, but across our organisation. By recycling and repurposing, we’re reducing what goes to landfill.  By increasing fabric efficiency in our buildings, we can create more sustainable homes. That means lower emissions and better energy performance, helping reduce household bills.

And because PHASES is committed to building homes for life, our designs are informed by work from the most respected research and campaigning organisations in the sector. We want every home to be safe, warm and friendly, whatever a person’s age or life stage. We want to build quality homes where people can live, work and thrive.


We’re actively targeting overlooked land and empty properties for small-scale affordable housing projects


We’ve built strong relationships with public bodies, funders and construction professionals who share our values


Our unique training pathway enables local people to gain valuable skills for the evolving construction sector


We help people who’ve suffered overcrowding, homelessness or poor housing to get a fresh start

partnering for success

At PHASES, we work with a host of brilliant people and organisations to help us realise our goals. Their expertise ensures that we can deliver benefits to all our stakeholders.  As a social enterprise we want to add value across all our processes,  to enable positive impacts at every level.  If you are interested in working with PHASES on our next exciting development, then click the links below, or check out our Get Involved page to learn more.

individual Land owners

Find out how PHASES could help you develop your land and add value to your asset, while helping the community

local authorities

Explore how a partnership with PHASES can help local people, businesses and neighbourhoods flourish

faith organisations

Read how working with PHASES could help to strengthen your local mission and deepen community bonds

other organisations

See how a partnership with PHASES can help drive your vision forward and build powerful community networks

our current partners

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