Support our projects

At PHASES, we’re proud to be a non-profit community construction charity. We believe that social enterprise development can transform lives, building affordable homes, enabling local people and enhancing neighbourhoods. If you’ve been inspired by what we do, then why not help us do even more? It’s simple, fast and totally secure. Just click the button to start giving and spread the word!

SUPERCharge our mission

Your donation could help us drive our mission forward, bringing desperately-needed affordable homes to communities and supporting local business through the power of social enterprise 

boost a small business

Your gift could help kick-start a career in construction by supplying our trainees with the essential tools of their trade and a suite of marketing materials to get their small business off the ground

make a house a home

Your contribution could help a family get started in their new home by providing a basic kit of crockery or cutlery. It could buy  furniture, a vacuum cleaner or other essential household items

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