• We support trainees who come through PHASE 3 to enter the construction industry as either employed or self-employed contractors.
  • The help we give may include:assistance in applying for grants for tools; direction in finding further professional training courses to enhance trainees' skills; or making links with construction companies who might employ them.
  • PHASE 4 trainees are also welcome to quote for work in their own right on our future renovation projects (PHASE 3).

Andy previously served in the army but had to leave during the 1980s. He has subsequently suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of some of the things he witnessed He spent many years sleeping rough in parks battling with a drink problem, before coming to us.

Andy completed our initial training course which whetted his appetite for construction work. He then took part in our refurbishment project at Wyndham Road, Camberwell (see PHASE 2 - 'Getting Stuck In'), where he developed an interest in tiling. After this he was supported in completing a separate tiling course where he gained a City and Guilds qualification. Andy has subsequently carried out work for us as an independent contractor on our empty homes projects and secured his own tiling work with domestic clients.